Workplace Mediation

Many employment disputes can be resolved at an early stage through mediation.

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Mediation is aimed to spare the employer and employee the stress, time and cost that may be incurred if the issue escalates to litigation.

All mediations must be carefully and professionally handled, observing the voluntary and confidential nature of the process. Our accredited mediators work with the parties together, affording them a safe platform to air their concerns and helping them to explore whether and how the matter in question can be resolved.

Our mediation service is covered by a fixed fee, lasts one day, and can address a range of difficulties, including more complex and embedded disputes.

Scenarios that best lend themselves to mediation include:   

  • Returning an employee on long term sick leave to the workplace
  • Bullying and harassment allegations
  • Personality clashes
  • Stress claims
  • Conflicts and disagreements within a team or management 
  • Conflicts arising from (proposed) changes in the workplace
  • Unresolved grievances and reintegration of employees after disciplinary action or suspension

Successful mediation can place the parties in a position which enables them to move forward amicably or in a way which is workable for both. It may also have the effect of helping an employee come to terms with moving on to pastures new but knowing concerted attempts were made to salvage the situation.

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