Social Media Issues Affecting Employees

We help our clients navigate the pitfalls of social media.

Take robust, urgent action

Most of our clients embrace social media as a valuable marketing initiative. Employees in certain roles are encouraged to be involved in such marketing to promote the business. 

If used unwisely, however, social media can produce a catalogue of risks for employers and is now a common feature of disciplinary situations and, at times, dismissals.

We assist clients to take robust, urgent action when an employee misuses social media and draft or review social media policies or guidelines. We will also offer firm advice regarding any resulting disciplinary process and the lawful options regarding sanction.

The pitfalls of social media can range from overuse in company time, uncensored disclosure of their employer’s confidential information, sharing critical observations of their employer/management and engaging in comments which amount to bullying, harassment or discrimination of colleagues. The reputational damage that can be caused through misuse of social media can be significant, embarrassing and long-lasting.  

A social media policy is must for businesses. This can set the parameters for acceptable use, guide employees of the risks, and provide for the consequences of non-observance. 

For a fixed fee we can draft a bespoke social media policy for your organisation which will arm you against breaches. Case law is clear that an employer’s hand to dismiss for social media related dismissals is greatly strengthened if a policy is in place which supports such action.

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