Managing Persistent or Long Term Sickness Absence

We support clients to actively manage sickness absence.

Act fairly and proactively

Absenteeism is an issue that most employers have to tackle from time to time. Whether it is certain individuals with a track record of persistent, ad hoc absence, or an employee with a known or suspected disability who has been off long term or for protracted periods, we can help. 

We support clients to actively manage sickness absence and act fairly and proactively when an issue becomes a problem or a burden to the business. We recommend courses of action which, depending on the nature of the absence and medical condition, could involve disciplinary action or a referral to an occupational health specialist and a possible formal capability process.

We guide clients through any formal process as appropriate, taking into account any associated risks. Where this includes the employee having a known or potential disability, we advise clients of their obligations and any need to consider reasonable adjustments.

Where a decision to terminate needs to be made arising from a person’s absence levels, we work to protect clients to avoid the risk of a claim, which promotes the justification for the sanction taken.  

We also advise clients with regards to any employees who disclose, or who are suspected of having, a dependency or addiction to alcohol or drugs.

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