Exiting Employees

We guide our clients through the correct legal process, ensuring a quick exit with minimal risk.

Creativity and bold thinking

Clients use us for our creativity and bold thinking. Where an employment relationship is deemed untenable, destructive, or simply absorbing too much management time, we can help. 

There are a number of ways in which an employee can be dismissed fairly and lawfully. These can include the better known disciplinary, performance/capability and redundancy routes, but also scenarios for which the category is less clear. 

Such situations could include personality clashes, where a person’s manner does not fit with the culture of the organisation, loss of certain licences or permissions which are essential for a person’s job, pressure from third parties, bad associations (with other persons/groups), and loss of trust and confidence. 

We help clients identify which potentially fair reason covers the situation in hand and guide them through the correct legal process, ensuring employees can be exited quickly, which seeks to minimise risk.

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