Employment Status Advice and Disputes

We protect our clients against future disputes.

Recognise, observe and protect

It is not uncommon for an individual’s employment status to be challenged in the event of a working relationship terminating or souring. This can be particularly so where a dispute arises with a worker who is on a casual or zero hours contract, or an independent contractor engaged under a contract for services. The benefits of claiming to be an employee when relations deteriorate can be highly advantageous in terms of employment rights. 

We advise clients in such cases by reviewing any relevant documentation, assessing the working arrangement in practice and providing a risk assessment.

Our record of encouraging claimants to desist, or withdraw, from legal action is strong and that is our ultimate aim.

We work with clients to ensure that any difference in statuses within their workforce are recognised and observed, in order to protect against future disputes.

We are also well placed to advise companies within the “gig economy,” where employment status is a hot topic.

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