Disciplinary and Grievance Issues and Procedures

Clients value us and stay with us because of our strong and steadfast advice.

Strong and steadfast

Where a grievance is raised or a disciplinary issue arises, we will support you through the process and enable you to arrive at a clear and fair decision.

Where an investigation is needed, we will assist you with this or handle the exercise on behalf of your business. Where a formal procedure is called for, we will ensure this is managed in line with statutory guidance which best protects the organisation in terms of the outcome and potential follow-on risks.   

We also provide advice on managing employee relations where an individual returns to work after suspension, where a decision has been taken to reject or uphold a grievance, or where a disciplinary sanction short of dismissal has been delivered. 

There are a number of ways in which employees try to avert a formal procedure and we are on hand to ensure that any such tactics do not derail the process. We also provide guidance on overlapping grievances brought during a disciplinary procedure and on the range of sanctions available to employers.

Our advice is bold and not bound by procedure, which shackles many employment specialists or insurance backed products. We have the experience and the appetite to support clients through any scenario, ensuring processes are conducted fairly and lawfully, that tough decisions are justified and place them in a position of strength

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