Business Re-Organisations and Redundancies

Businesses sometimes have to make tough decisions. We ensure they are fair and lawful.

Fair and lawful

Businesses sometimes have to make tough decisions. Whether it is a merger, a need to cut costs due to the loss of a contract/client, a decision to outsource certain activities, or a change in focus or technology, staff roles sometimes need to be reviewed or reduced. 

We work with clients where such events arise and ensure that any plans regarding redundancies, redeployment or changes to terms and conditions are fair and lawful. We also help assess any risk and costings before action is taken. We support employers to implement their proposals which are legally compliant, and prepare documentation ready for any consultation that follows.

Our experience of advising on such matters means thorny issues can generally be anticipated and a strategy can be put in place to account for potential risks. Our advice extends to calculating termination packages and, where preferred, negotiations around settlement agreements. 

No one wants to have to make redundancies or have difficult conversations with employees about change. We are mindful of this, so issues around morale, reputation and other sensitivities will always feature in our advice.

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