Breaches of IT Systems and Communications Policies

The world of work is undergoing sweeping changes.

Dependable protection

The rise of home, flexible and remote working, pressures of responding to emails and the constant temptations of social media have all produced a host of challenges. Affording employees open access to IT systems and equipment has only added to this.

We know the types of issues our clients face and the significant cost, reputational and business consequences of employees’ not following the rules. It is essential for employers to have a robust toolkit of policies. These will protect your systems, set and control standards of behaviour around the use of IT and communications and enable you to take strong decisive action in the event of a breach.

If a breach occurs, we give this the immediate attention it warrants and you can depend on us to ensure firm appropriate action is taken. We also advise on any enhanced obligations and recommended actions following the implementation of GDPR.


Fixed fee

Trust is an essential part of the employment relationship but consideration has to be given to the consequences of misuse or where trust is abused. This could be a departing employee helping themselves to your client database, using the company email in way that causes you serious reputational damage, use of social media which impacts productivity or which constitutes bullying or harassment of another employee. 

For a fixed fee we arm our clients with the policies they need, tailored specifically to their organisation, which give them the protection and options they deserve. These include policies covering acceptable use of IT and communications, obligations on termination, the right to monitor and search, and expectations around social media, remote and home working.

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