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John Midgley Features in The Sunday Times

Property Disputes Partner John Midgley was featured in The Sunday Times

Property Disputes Partner and Head of the Leasehold Enfranchisement team, John Midgley, was featured in The Sunday Times, answering a reader’s question in the Home Help section on property maintenance between neighbours.

The reader asked “Five years ago, my partner and I bought a house with a back garden. There’s a long path at the bottom of the garden, coming from a public road at the back, that splits into two separate branches: one leads into our garden, the other leads to our neighbours’ house. When we bought the property, we verbally agreed with our neighbours that we would split the cost of maintaining the path equally. Now they are saying they shouldn’t have to contribute to the payment since they rarely use it. Without a written contract, is there any way to get them to contribute to the cost?”

You can read John’s answer and the full article online here.

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