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David Thompson Features in WealthBriefing

David Thompson, Partner in the Family team, features in WealthBriefing with a piece highlighting the latest divorce statistics and the financial considerations for wealthy couples going through divorce.

Family Partner David Thompson wrote an article for WealthBriefing discussing the latest divorce statistics in the UK and the differences in divorce proceedings between HNW individuals and couples with fewer assets.


“Surprisingly, practitioners find that divorcing HNW couples is easier than divorcing couples who have fewer and perhaps more limited assets and earning capacity. The latter cases often lead to harder choices and more entrenched positions. Of course, wealthier people will not happily or easily give away swathes of their assets but, because there is usually more than enough to meet the parties and their children’s actual needs, it often means that these situations are more easily dealt with in mediation or in settlement meetings between solicitors with the individual.”


Read the full piece here:

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